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Institute of Moss Technology (IMT) is working with people involved in the moss industry to establish technologies for the production and utilization of moss and to develop the moss industry.


  • ​9/12-10/1 Tokyo Moss exhibition ;
    participate as creator of Moss Terrarium

  • 9/6-7 Special lecture for Korean Terrarium association

Four Goals

We have a blog to share various aspects of moss.

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Example of our works of
Moss Garden

Significance of cultivate moss

"The overharvesting of moss" is a growing problem.

People tend to think moss grow naturally in abundance, but actually moss is a natural resource that will disappear if it is overharvested.

Mosses require a long time to fully grow, and they are delicate creatures that may not be able to adapt to their environment and may even die out if only some are picked up.

In fact, some mosses are disappearing from forest all over Japan due to over-collection. The same thing could be happening all over the world.


There is also a practical problem: the quality of moss picked up from nature is not stable, making it difficult to plant reliably.

It is our responsibility to supply moss in a sustainable manner and to expand moss culture while coexisting with nature. Institute of Moss Technology (IMT) is committed to supporting those who are involved in the cultivation of moss and spreading the use of cultivated moss.



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IMT provides cultivated moss and moss seeds from all over Japan,
and also, export these mosses overseas.

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Comming soon...

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