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We are moss specialists based in Kamakura, Japan.
KOKE-MUSUBI is our core brand of moss terrariums.
Institute of Moss Technology (Moss-tech or Kokegiken in Japanese)  was established as a technical division for moss management in Japanese gardens,

other moss-related technology and overseas business.
Our aim is to develop moss technology and moss culture
and share it with the world.

  • Feb 10th 2024 Export to South Korea 


Moss Garden

Our Aim

Significance of producing moss.

"The overharvesting of moss" is a growing problem.

People tend to think moss grow naturally in abundance, but actually moss is a natural resource that will disappear if it is overharvested.

Mosses require a long time to fully grow, and they are delicate creatures that may not be able to adapt to their environment and may even die out if only some are picked up.

In fact, some mosses are disappearing from forest all over Japan due to over-collection. The same thing could be happening all over the world.


There is also a practical problem: the quality of moss picked up from nature is not stable, making it difficult to plant reliably.

It is our responsibility to supply moss in a sustainable manner and to expand moss culture while coexisting with nature. Institute of Moss Technology (IMT) is committed to supporting those who are involved in the cultivation of moss and spreading the use of cultivated moss.

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