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Kamakura Moss City Project

Kamakura as  a city of moss

Environmentally sensitive mosses cannot grow in every place.

In Kamakura, there is an abundance of small valleys where moss likes to grow, and a history of shrines and temples where moss has been cultivated for many years.

It is a precious city where you can enjoy the rich mosses while being close to the city centre.

We are working to make Kamakura a 'city of moss'!


Terrairum shop /workshop

"Kokemusubi", a moss shop, sells terrariums and offers workshops on moss terrariums. Moss enthusiasts come from all over the country.

(Lecturer speaks Japanse only)

Further Info (Japanese Page)


​Kamakura moss map

We have produced a map of the most attractive moss sites in Kamakura. 

Further Info (Japanse)


Kamakura Moss Walk Tour

The tour offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the mosses of Kamakura.

As your eyes adjust to the moss, you will realise that another world is unfolding beneath your feet.
(Guide speacks Japanese only) 

Further Info (Japanse)


Moss Display

Moss terrariums and artworks are displayed in sites in Kamakura.


・Stella Storia Yuigahama

・Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura

・Hokokuji Temple


Moss Garden Management

We create and maintain moss gardens. Moss creates the atmosphere of a place. A well maintained moss garden makes the whole place very attractive.

Further Info

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